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Tokyo Green Suite

Hip-Hop has a fascination with Asia. You can see it from Wu-Tang to Ghost Dog to anime like Afro Samurai, Samurai Champloo, and my all time favorite, Tokyo Tribe. As a hip-hopper who's spent time in Japan (and other parts of Asia) I'm always intrigued when I see allusions to the Land of the Rising Sun.

A lot of the time it's people who have no ties to Japan and have never been or don't know anything about the culture (I know some of them Personally) but I suppose that's no different than all the other un-verified boastings that go on in rap. But something made me check this out and the vibe from the first 2 tracks alone convinced me this was post-worthy. I don't care if they have ties or it's just a play on the name. It's ill.

So kick back, turn up your speakers, Light up....and TOKE YO GREEN (that's ill, yo lol)

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