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CUNE :STANDARD 耳付きジーパン ウサギ5A [Eared Rabbit Jeans 5A]

I remember shopping with a friend in Tokyo a year or so ago and came across CUNE. I took a picture of some of the jeans to be sure I got some next time I was in the country (they didn't have much in my size). But they have some really ill designs. Some of the things I think of when I think of the vibrant creativity seen in Harajuku fashion.

They have a pretty crazy/cool concept:

What CUNE is creating is not a fashion, not even a mode.
If you are to express it with words, it can barely be called clothing.

We are creating things as we desire.
However, it does not necessarily correspond to what we actually want to wear or to have.

We think nothing about who wears it, whom we want to dress, or how we want to coordinate.

We do not ask you to buy.
We just want you to keep an eye on what we are doing from a distance. (taken from their Facebook page)

Basically, we might not even wear this sh!t but we're expressing ourselves through it's creation. You don't even need to buy it but pay attention to what we're doing.

I can dig it...

Click here to see more detailed pictures of this model.

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