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Essince App

I've long been interested in the potential of mobile apps, but never knew much about them. So the best way to learn is to do something, right?

I created this app myself (designed graphics, layout, etc etc). I actually had it up and running and did tests on it in the winter but never officially released it. I'm putting out the beta version now after some new additions and changes and curious to see what you guys think.

It's funny that I actually studied different apps and mobile sites that have totally different goals/markets. If you take a look at the modern online bingo games arena, you’ll find that the traditional form of bingo has paved the way for immersive gaming mixed with role playing and adventure to make it appeal to the younger generation. An article on Playingbingo.co.uk shows that half of the bingo players are actually aged below 45. Something that disproves the common perception that bingo is mainly played by older (if not geriatric) people. Themes are also prevalent as the overall look and feel of the game eventually translates to sales and replay value. This is a concept that Dragonfish Total Gaming Services, the developers of Bubble Bonus Bingo, have perfected, as they have created thousands of different themed slot games that seamlessly integrate across platforms. The ease of accessibility and the creativity of design are paramount to the success of any mobile app, and I’ve taken this into consideration with the Essince app.

Everything will be synced eventually and more interactive (exclusive video content: videos, interviews, episodes of the new show, etc).

Click here on a mobile device to see the test page of what the app is like (don't have to download anything) and let me know what you think! I had a few issues syncing IG.

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