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"Zilla" Bobby Brackins ft Koto

There's something about an artist baring his/her soul for public display that I really like and respect. It's hard enough to admit feelings to your friends much less expose yourself (so to speak) to the internet, which is statistically the meanest place in the universe.

It's also interesting that a self-described ladies man [not to be confused with the 'Lady Boys' I saw during my studies in Thailand *shudders*] would fall in love. But it makes sense with Madzilla being in the video for Jungle Fever and also her new iphone case with Lost Kats. Or it's a publicity stunt (I doubt it...but what ever happened with Dj Khaled and Nicki, not that I care even a little about that) or who cares just listen to a song I think anyone still in love after a break up will appreciate.

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