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ESSINCE THROWBACK: Boyz II Men "Sympin' (ain't easy)"

Remember when soundtracks created as much buzz as the movie (word to Rush Hour & Space Jam). Well I'm bringing this straight from 1992 & the "White Men Can't Jump" Soundtrack, y'all! Boyz II Men complete with a feature from Biv10 [Michael Bivins] drop "Sympin' [Ain't Easy]".

Happy Thursday.

Phonzz "Running Out of Seasons" MV

Phonzz is under the URBZLYFE label. I really don't know anything about him but I like his video and I'm sharing it with you.


Smileyface - Lost Luggage

As my trip nears an end (I fly out from Ft Lauderdale tomorrow) I had to post this new project from Smileyface. I only brought carry ons so "Lost Luggage" won't be an issue so I can enjoy this.

His delivery style reminds me of Paul Wall mixed with Wiz Khalifa....I like it. Check it out!


Show off Them Guns with These Tanks

Since I'm on the beach right now and it's about 2x as warm as the midwest (where it was literally hailing Wednesday) let's check out some tanks. Like this awesome "The Kid Dynamite" tank by Entree.

Or as I like to call it the Mickey Tyson.


Welcome to Miami [Essince Throwback]

I guess you can tell what city I'm in right now.

Word to the Fresh Prince.


Miami Dolphins Team Colors Flannel: "The Melton" fitted

I have a tradition of buying the hat of the baseball team in whatever city I'm in as a souvenir. I know the Dolphins are a football team but I might have to grab this Team Color flannel Miami Dolphins hat while I'm here.

Get yours, too.


Essince Throwback: Lil Keke "Boss'

I normally stay away from videos on WSHH because of the negativity...not just content-wise but I mean the comments! Man, I thought political posts on yahoo news were journals for jerks but OH MY! lol However, I was sucked into watching this video of a cop swangin' & poppin' his trunk in a SLAB show and had to post the song. Lil Keke is the man.

For those curious about the police video here it is:

R.I.P. DJ Screw & Big M.O.E.


Bobby Brackins "Zilla" ft Koto MV

I posted Bobby's bangin' breakup song, "Zilla" to MadZilla a while back and he recently dropped the visuals to it.

Word Up to heart breaks & the art that comes from it.


Nipsey Hussle "Crenshaw"

Nipsey is the man. I've always been a fan. I like his deal with this new album, too. For those who suppport for $100 they get a physical copy and I believe a ticket to a show and an exclusive T (or something..I forget but it's still available at


Nova Rockafeller "Problem" (the all Nova Version) MV

Nova is dope. I posted her a few times, most recently her modeling for Supra's new women's line. She made a dope video for her song "Problem" (with an AWESOME cameo you'll have to watch to see) and.....she made her own instead lol


Leo Simone "Black Horse" MV

I first heard Leo Simone about a year ago and I've been waiting for her to drop something new for a while and she didn't disappoint.

No more words. Just enjoying.


Black Milk "Sunday's Best / Monday's Worst" MV

I remember trying to bring Black Milk to St. Louis when I was living there in 2010. Black Milk is dope and I love the songs/videos. The new album "No Poison No Paradise" dropped yesterday. Check it out, yo. @Black_Milk is dope.


Snow tha Product: Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover

I've been following Snow tha Product since the publicist who set up my interview with B Real a year or so ago mentioned her. She's really been making steady moves lately and is currently on tour with Rittz and Jarren Benton.


[LONDON] Phoenix Martins "Sideways"

I woke up after a LONG few days and Nights (which caused me to neglect my usual ESSINCE THROWBACK piece coinciding with "Throwback Thursday" BUT I woke up to an email about a singer named Phoenix Martins.

Phoenix is a Nigerian-born East London resident whose voice has some Macy Gray* qualities to it but is very smooth and melodic.

[*Essince Fun Fact: My mom teaches at a local university & is friends with Macy Gray's mom and is actually covering for her classes for 3 weeks while she's tending to some personal business]


Serial Killers (Xzibit, B Real, Demrick) "The First 48" MV

This is the first video from the super group that is The Serial Killers Cypress Hill's B Real mentioned in our interview which consists is Xzibit and Demrick (fka Young De).

That classic West Coast gangster music! I love it!

Album coming 10/31.

Nylo "Indigo Summer"

I first heard of songstress, Nylo through Aaron Reid and checked her out after following her on IG. I downloaded her Indigo Summer EP last night and it was my soundtrack during some late night design sessions. I can't stop listening to her. This project had the same effect on me that Sailing Souls from Jhene Aiko did when I first heard it.


J'Demul "Neighborhood H*e"

I've judged enough rap showcases to know that Whenever I hear a song start out with "this one's for my ladies" we're about to hear some songs about slobbing knobs and doing jobs. Not that this doesn't have those elements, because it clearly does (lol) BUT it's crafted in a beautifully ignorant true-life story that I played straight through and actually LISTENED, I didn't just hear it. This track's pretty nice.

PLUS how could you not like a song whose hook ends in "I know that we could never be together because I have ambitions and you are just the neighborhood hoe"?

@JDemulMusic's official site:



Last night I had the opportunity to interview one of the men responsible for my involvement in the hip-hop culture; at least from an artist-fan relationship. B Real and Cypress Hill have beyond surpassed a successful career and are in legendary status. He's working on a new collaborative project with the one and only, Xzibit and "newcomer" Demrick fka Young De.


Till Watch

Ever had a problem telling time? Or understanding phrases like "quarter after" or "10 til"? I hope not but if you have and even if you HAVEN'T this watch is for you.


Crimxon "The City or Champagne"

November 11th, Toronto artist, Crimxon drops his anticipated debut release. I've been listening to this dude for a minute. I'm looking forward to the project. Check it, yo and click the link above to see the reasons why I'm interested.