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[LONDON] Phoenix Martins "Sideways"

I woke up after a LONG few days and Nights (which caused me to neglect my usual ESSINCE THROWBACK piece coinciding with "Throwback Thursday" BUT I woke up to an email about a singer named Phoenix Martins.

Phoenix is a Nigerian-born East London resident whose voice has some Macy Gray* qualities to it but is very smooth and melodic.

[*Essince Fun Fact: My mom teaches at a local university & is friends with Macy Gray's mom and is actually covering for her classes for 3 weeks while she's tending to some personal business]

MTV says to “soak in her velvety voice” so I did. And it was refreshing. I could post more accolades from the press but I'd rather let you see for yourself why they said what they said.


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