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"Dear Mr. Watterson" Calivin & Hobbes Documentary

If you're anything like me and from my generation (or the one before me) your childhood was ineffably affected by Calvin and Hobbes. Shoot...even if you own a shitty pick-up truck chances are you've at least CONTEMPLATED buying a decal of Calvin peeing all over a competitor's logo.

I had a stuffed tiger I played with at my grandmother's house I renamed Hobbes and I remember my best friend and I making a flag for club G.R.O.S.S. {Get Rid of Slimy girlS)...even though he made me make the flag because I "Draw Better" then he made fun of my correct spelling of "Get" telling me "It's G-I-T, STUPID!" and calling me names until I changed it, knowing it was wrong (I won spelling bees). Then he showed his mom and she corrected the spelling and then said I'd made the flag....

what a dick.

But yeah, back to Calvin and Hobbes. It's awesome. I even have a volume in Spanish. Before you other nostalgists get your knickers in a knot this is JUST A DOCUMENTARY. Bill {because apparently we're on a first name basis) has no intention of licensing his creation. So just enjoy this for what it is.

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