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Ry SO Valid "Born In Da Ghetto" ft Fat Joe & Angel

I posted a video of Ry So Valid a while back and actually featured him in the pilot episode of my show (filming now. New season coming first quarter!) but the kid is nice. You'd hope being the son of Hip-Hop icon, Fat Joe at least some talent would trickle down.

(It did. Don't worry)

Valid makes this a family affair with his cousin Angel on a verse and dad on the hook.
*Essince note: Why do people seem to feel that by featuring family it takes away from it? My man, Click tha Supah Latin used to do family freestyles on his albums and it was DOPE. If your dad and cousin make crack on the track who cares.

It feels great to back back to some of that old hard, NY rap sometimes. This kid is nice. Track's off @RySoValid's forthcoming "Written In Stone" project. Check it out.

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