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[1000th post] Interview with Amalgam Digital CEO, NEXT

The time has come, my friends. I appreciate your support throughout the years and This is my 1,000th post here so I wanted to do something special for the benchmark post and felt an interview was in order. But not just anyone...someone positive who's going places (literally and figuratively in this case). Anyextee, or Next [get it...any-ex-tee...n-e-x-t...whatever, you get it) has built a career working with some of the best in the game and we discussed his stepping out from behind the desk, films, Egyptian consciousness and Witchcraft in modern hip-hop.

Never before has a CEO stepped out to tell his side of the story; from the frustrations of being a CEO of a label and manager to its successes AND never with the use of cymatics.

Existence is energy. If the right energy (tones, vibrations) were applied the Right way with the aim to heal the effects are ineffably good. Have they been consciously applied to a hip-hop album before? Get out your pens and pencils and learn yourselves, friends. Knowledge is dropped on SO many levels.

(BIG shout out since he was getting over pneumonia!)

See you on the "NEXT" 1,000 posts, amigos.


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