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The Berlin Boombox [Germany]

Whenever I'm in a public place wanting to play music from my phone without external speakers I end up putting my phone in a cup or glass bowl to enhance the sound but wishing I had some actual speaker...

Enter German-designed "BERLIN BOOMBOX" by Berlin-Based artist/illustrator, Alex Pfaender. It's a do-it-yourself die-cut cardboard structure with electronic components including a 1/8" jack to plug into your smartphone/ipod, whatever.

Technical specifications: The Berlin Boombox is built in excellent quality from heavy corrugated
cardboard with screenprinted black and white graphics, features a strong carrying handle and a single
big aluminium knob for power and volume. Electronic parts include an integrated digital 2x5 watts
amplifier powered by 3 AA batteries and Hi-Fi speakers. Insert your device where back in the days the
tape used to go. The 3,5 mm stereo jack ensures that a wide range of devices can be used. The Berlin
Boombox is designed for iPhones and larger smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy 4 and you can
connect your PC, Mac or tablet using the extension cable available. All electronic parts are German
engineered by our partners at Mivoc Pro.

And for my fellow artists, check out the blank canvas, Montana Boombox.

Website: http://www.berlinboombox.com/
Blog: http://blog.berlinboombox.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/berlinboom

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