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[Kansas City Chiefs] Tamba Hali "Jodeci"

We all know athletes who rap (especially in the NBA and stars like Kevin Durant) and I think a lot of them get a bad rap [pun intended]. But some of them make some really ill music. KC Chiefs Tamba Hali is actually pretty nice. I'm feeling this...

We all know about the controversy surrounding Penn State [Hali's alma mater] and I'm not interested in that. What I AM interested in is the mentor relationship Joe Paterno shared with KC Chiefs star, Tamba Hali which inspired this song, "Jodeci" from his Relumae Records label.

I'm interested to see how well this is received. I know people are hypocritical in our expectations, telling people they HAVE to be well-rounded to survive then criticizing them when they display a second talent...but I think this is clean and I'm looking forward to hearing more from Tamba.

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