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SonReal "L.A." [Canada]

So I was catching up with @AmaliaJude from Vancouver who did a dope feature on Iron Solomon when we were on tour a couple years ago and is now the Executive Editor for HipHopCanada. I asked her if there was someone in Canada I should know about?

She mentioned SonReal...I checked a video. I liked it. Looked to find his newest and realized it was one a CA friend on Facebook had recently posted. At that exact same time a producer friend from Seattle told me he just moved to NY at the exact moment Henry Winkler's character on Law&Order SVU said he'd just moved from Seattle to Manhattan.

All this while I was reading a book about synchronicity. Cool huh?
(I multi-task during commercials)

I love the concept for this video. Sheck it out.

Check @TheRealSonReal's latest here

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