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Mr. Archive "High and Low" ft Tyler 2 Times & Bobby Brillo [VANCOUVER] MV

Ill beats...complex rhyme-schemes and delivery...graffiti...what's not to like?

Shout out to Mr Archive [@Mr_Archive_]


Eminem Presents: Total Slaughter 1 [Trailer]

Umm.....this is incredible.

ESSINCE STYLE GUIDE: Spring Edition (Cranium Fitteds)

It's about that time, y'all. Spring is here so you know what that means....Time for another ESSINCE STYLE GUIDE. I've pieced this fit together from one of my favorite online stores, Cranium Fitteds. Let's get it started...


Yuna "Lullabies" (Myles.William Remix)

I came home from a long day/weekend of things (hosting events, meetings, benefit shows, being SEEN in the Scene)...and I lied down on the floor...turned on Sirius' Chill station and this song came on...and was the right song to be playing.


VIDEO BLEND: Lil' Wayne, Lauryn Hill & Method Man "Higher"

Dj Cinema did some ill blends I have from like 8 years ago. Love seeing the video aspect added to the blend. I'm diggin' it.


NFL's Tamba Hali "Hell Yeah"

KC Chiefs star, Tamba Hali is back with his second single (a follow up to his debut, "Jodeci". Laid back R&B hook...smooth vocals...I'm diggin' it...


Anyextee "Lord Is My Shepherd" MV

Next is at it again releasing his newest video, "Lord is My Shepherd". I've been a fan of his other releases from his forthcoming debut, Executive Decisions and with each release I'm getting more excited. There is a demand for intelligently delivered messages over banging beats all sonically designed to heal.


Easter Rap

If I'd made this I would have disabled comments, too...HOPPY EAS†ER


Bellroy: The (nude) Slim Sleeve Wallet

My wallet is FAT!


Essince PSA: I'm a Textpert

Who says you still can't deliver a messgage with music?


Hip Hop In: Australia

Time for another installment of my international series "Hip-Hop In" which sheds light on hip-hop abroad. This episode is on Australian mc, Kerser.
After a battle with award-winning fellow Australian MC, 360 (one of my favorite battle rappers, by the way) he gained notoriety and started making some series moves of his own.

Style Hunt: On the Streets, Paris Fashion Week

Of the Style Hunt segments "I Am Other" has done, I like the international ones best. I like to see what spins they take on our apparel and vice versa. This episode is done on the streets of everyday people (and those involved with Fashion Week).


Black Kids "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You" MV

I was driving home and walked into my kitchen and for whatever reason this song was playing in my head. I hadn't heard it in a long time. I remember iTunes suggesting it as song of the day when it came out like...4 years ago but for whatever reason it went through my head. Never saw the video before and decided to share it with you.

P.S. Your man is a square and he bites my moves.


De La Soul "Smell The DA.I.S.Y."

I've been on a mini hiatus trying to catch up on business since my last trip and also setting up the store but I found this to be good music to work to...sheck it out


Gavlyn "Guilty Pleasure" MV

Smooth it out.



It's about that time, y'all. Winter jackets are going away in place of sweatshirts and joggers. Time to hit the road and show off our abilities. I compiled a few piece from an OFFICIAL ESSINCE RELEASE as well as teamed up with some great designers and photographers for this lookbook.

Who knew The Fray was this Funky???

So my man D Scorch'd is in a new remix may recognize his production from the likes of FX's show Unsupervised among other things. But this is nasty. I'm not going to tell you to vote for him because this is so funky you'll do it anyway.

@DJs_NES (he has some ill drum kits available for producers, too)


Kwabs "Perfect Ruin" [UK]

While we had some downtime in Memphis this past weekend my friend and I were playing music for each other and she recommmended Kwabs from the UK...I can't stop playing this...