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Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) x Mannie Fresh "Let's Go"



Van Gils tailored the best Man v Lions Soccer Game Ever

Van Gils, proud tailor of Dutch soccer league, KNVB and wild lion supporter suits up Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson. I have a connection with animals but not anything like this...he's playing with those wild lions like housecats and looks mad stylish doing it.


Reverie "Palm Trees" Ft. Luckyiam [MV]

Palm trees yo.


Double B & Laces: BEER IN A WINE GLASS

I went to college with Double B and after school he headed northwest to do his thing-a-ling [pause] and somehow has time to make new videos and music between touring and whatever else people in the northwest do nowadays.

I'm definitely checking for the classy ladies at the bar next time.


Rogue Eyewear "Shield" (Gunmetal/Red)

I've been on a sunglasses stint lately but that's because I need something new...well...I needED something new. This morning I stopped by Cleveland company, "ROGUE EYEWEAR's" store for a private showing they had (apparently I was the first person to see it/first customer which is pretty cool). BUT I'm the proud owner of a new pair of gunmetal & red "Shield" frames...


Soleternity "Beats 4 Yeti Snowman" [instrumental album]

When I was just getting into the game as a middle schooler, was the jam. The illest producer on there was a dude named Soleternity from IL (remember this project he did for Fresco?). And his beats then were incredible. I downloaded them just to listen. Like...I didn't want to rap on them and ruin them they were so good. lol


Creative Office by Tom Schuster

Designed by German designer, Tom Schuster, the Creative Office/Blidu creates space for your gadgets (and is fully integrated for tablets and smartphones) and comes with USB ports, a smooth surface for writing, and a drawer big enough to contain a laptop.



I WISH....people would have remembered how DOPE his debut album was. This dude forreal mastered his delivery and made one of the best hip-hop albums I own. I actually interviewed him 5 years ago and he was incredibly cool (and his family is, too).

I'm 6'6" so I don't need to wish for being taller or a baller but the other things would be nice. lol Enjoy


[47 Brand] "The Juli Gunk Croc" Cleveland Indians Strapback

A man can never have too many Cleveland Indians hats. I still have, even though it doesn't fit, my fitted with the Chinese character on it. Remember those?


3 Strangers Spontaneous Jam Session

Dude was chilling playing his guitar and a passerby joins....then another!

Music brings people together, y'alls.

Peace & love from above.


Sam Smith "Money On My Mind" [UK]

I posted a video featuring Sam Smith yesterday but this gives you a look at him and also a great taste of his voice/style. I'm really becoming a fan of not only him but the whole UK urban/soul/pop sound I really started noticing with Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse a few years back.

Do it for the love, y'all.


Naughty Boy "La La La" ft Sam Smith [MV]

I wasn't familiar with UK singer, Sam Smith until recently and he has an incredible voice. He teamed up with Naughty Boy to produce an incredible video. Many think the story tells the Wizard of Oz but it's actually the Bolivian "tale of el Tio".


Cam'ron & A-Trak "Dipsh*ts" MV

He's BAAAAaaaaccckkkkk


Tinashe “2 On” Remix feat. Drake

This track from Tinashe [ti-NA-shay] quickly became my jam...I love it. I love the beat and I love Schoolboy Q on the original but wheelchair Jimmy done did his thing, too...

This remix is currently "un-official" that I mean that the label hasn't officially released this as a single not that Drake didn't write an original verse to this. It's dope.


CyHi The Prynce "Is It Me" [MV]

CyHi the Prynce is one of my current favorite artists. I've been following his career for a while. This video is from his Black Hystori project.


Mr. Probz - Waves (Robin Schulz Remix Radio Edit)

I heard this track from Mr. Probz (not to be confused with London MC, Probz) on the same spotify playlist this came from and I cant' stop playing this either.

Initially it was because the guy's voice and the melody just got me...but the more I listened the more the words started to sink in. And the more I realized not only do I feel that way now but I can relate more times than I care to think about. But it's presented so beautifully that I don't even care...


Route 94 "My Love" ft Jess Glynne [MV]

Found a dope Spotify playlist that had this on it and had to see if there was a video...there is...and I love it.

Kinda wish I'd had infrared cameras when I was...never mind. Just watch

The Notorious BIG Glasses [Buyer's Choice]

He came up with the phrase, he went from Ashy to Classy...I like that...


『TOKYO TRIBE』特報 [Trailer] (Japan)

Arguably my favorite Anime/Manga series is Tokyo Tribe. The style, the gang culture, the artwork...I finally watched the anime my first time to Japan in 2010 and it became an instant favorite.


The Castillo Sunglasses by Crooks And Castles

About time to break out those new frames, friends...and Crooks & Castles may have JUST the accessory for you with The Castillo Sunglasses


Happy Chingo de Mayo! Vote For Pedro

Hola, Amigos and amigettes. It's May 5th so you know it's time to celebrate. Today is the day where people of all ethnicities gather around the dj booth and celebrate the greatness that is Chingo Bling.

Aaron Cohen "Anyways" MV [shot in Paris]

I've been checking a few of Aaron Cohen's [@MrAaronSCohen] tracks and this is his latest, "Anyways" shot in France by César Decharme & Dijor Smith.


DROP eco-hotel

For the wo/man who wants to be close to nature and man-made luxury at the same damn time.


DJ Joe Iron "Golden Week Mix 2014" (live from Shibuya) [JAPAN]

I've sadly never been to Japan DURING the illustrious GOLDEN WEEK, but I was booked to perform once [see flier]...