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C-Styles "When You Need Some Lovin'"

Man it's been a crazy weekend...well...WEEK for that matter. This past weekend I was in NY for a weekend of events [*see flier*] which started off with a showcase in Akron, OH to GIVE someone a chance to join me on this trip at my expense. So from promoting, booking, hosting, etc THAT event leading up to THIS I haven't had much time to do anything besides sleep and eat (sometimes), hence the lack of updates. [my bad]

The last event of the weekend was an interview (COMING SOON) with multi-platinum producer/artist, Chris Styles. He's worked in the industry with everyone from Michael Jackson to 50 Cent ["Window Shopper", "Disco Inferno", etc] and more (which he'll discuss in the interview coming soon). This is his new single, "When You Need Some Lovin". The remix is coming soon with some Dope features but I wanted you to all hear the man doing his solo thing.

Check it out below.

Contact him on twitter and Instagram @CStyles911

I'll be back again doing more trips for artists in the very near future so be sure to check www.RoyalHeirEnt.com for more info. And to get the fly-ass "Have Beats Will Travel" shirt in the pic from above or the equally ill "Stay Focu$ed" crew neck from below you gotta check out the shop here.

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