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It pays to be $TRANDED

It's been a great trip to New York. I got a LOT accomplished, made connections, strengthened existing connections, and made some ¢H€€€$€ in travel vouchers.

Fortunately I know people in NY (bc southwest didn't spring for a hotel room) so I have places to stay but here's how the game works, yo:

They overbooked a flight from NY to OH. (Not sure HOW you overbook. If you have X seats then you sell X tickets. Not X+1 or X+3....wtf). They asked if anyone was willing to give up his seat for a later flight. I said sure. Refunded my ticket And paid me. Guess what...my NEXT flight overbooked and ya boy done did it again! Made almost a $tack in travel vouchers for mild inconvenience.

So, to celebrate, here's a video some dude made while stranded in the Vegas airport "all by himself" (forreal...he had some brilliant ways to shooting this using his phone and no other people).

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