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WWE's JOHN CENA & Wiz Khalifa "BREAKS"

There probably aren't many people happier that John Cena is back in the studio than me. Yes, I not only like wrestling and rap but I like Rappin' Wrestlers ('memba dat?). With WWE 2k15 coming out they released a soundtrack and this is one of the lead singles.

I actually bought Cena's album. Like...I could've ordered it online for $10, Best Buy'd it for $12 or illegally downloaded it...but I didn't want to wait and I spent $16 at FYE when it dropped...forreal. Wiz is cool but I as you can probably guess, I like Cena's verse. He has the braggadocio and lives the lifestyle to back it up (I've seen his house...). And to make it even worse, I have a DVD of the verses he spit as his rapping persona on WWE....yep....Thanks $5 Bin at Walmart 4 years ago.

Plus the last line is his verse is kinda slick. So yeah...enough nerding out.


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