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ESSINCE THROWBACK: Welcome To Atlanta (A3C Edition)

MAN what a crazy way to start my trip to Atlanta....

On my way to get my videographer for the trip to A3C (I'm hosting a few official events and also have a media ass so if you're in town get at me! Let's link up) we had a slight delay and I got my first flat tire....(great timing, Universe)...luckily my dad taught me how to change a tire because someone thought it was cool to mess with my tires and i had to get 3 new tires within a week last year....BUT we missed our flight.

Assuming I'd have to pony up for a new flight I prepared my wallet...but NAH! The next flight was cheaper and we both got travel vouchers for the difference. I'll still get in town in time to host the UnsignedHype.org showcase at 3:30. If you're in the area and performing already HIT ME UP. I got you on slots. Bring your music. Let's rock out!

Take it away, LUDA!

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