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Oldie But Goodie: Mac Miller "S.D.S."

Sometimes I click on things. Sometimes they take me to other things. This happened today for me and now its happening to you.

Video almost takes me back to the Busta Rhymes "Gimme Some More" video (not the way SK4MC did with his CRAZY "Highlights" video though). But check this out. Props, mr. Miller.


The Gold Gods: Pharaoh Head Ring

The Gold Gods are here to be sure you're 'dipped' in the finest of jewelry. This Pharaoh ring is derived from their popular Pharaoh pendant and comes in 18K plated gold.

They're celebrating their 1 year anniversary with the "1YEAR" promo code for discounts. Order the ring here and let the gold gods bless you.


Melo Kan "Push Thru"

I met Melo Kan (pronounced 'kane') when I was out in LA last week and we did a great interview (coming soon). He just dropped a creative new visual for his latest record, “Push Thru.” The powerful single gives us a taste of what's to come from the socially-conscious lyricist on his forthcoming EP,“The Melo KAN Lounge”.

This video is significant to me because it’s loosely based off of my own life. I feel that sometimes just knowing someone has walked through similar struggles and pushed through it provides hope. This video is hope in a visual.”

Keep up with Melo KAN online on Twitter and Instagram: @MeloKAN


Jay Sean "The Mistress 2"

Sometimes you need to relax and lay low. I'm currently sitting in front of the fireplace watching a South Park Marathon and sending emails, blogging, and handling some business. UK crooner, Jay Sean is back with a new project. His newly release "The Mistress 2" dropped the other day. Enjoy it.


Professor Green x Tori Kelly "Don't" (Ed Sheeran cover) [UK]

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days. As My Instagram (@ItsEssince) has shown I've been traveling a lot and got back to the Snow from sunny Los Angeles and Vegas about 26 hours ago.

But excuses aside, I posted a BBC One live performance the other day and it was really dope. I saw this with battle rapper turned super star, Professor Green with rising US vocalist, Tori Kelly. They did more of a remix than a cover of Ed Sheeran's single "Don't". Green adds his own vocals and Tori's beautiful voice (and everything else) is a great accompaniment.

Check it.


Joey Bada$$ - "Christ Conscious" MV

After an ill late night metaphysical conversation with the homie Anyextee here in LA, I stumbled upon this Joey Bada$$ video for his single "Christ Conscious" and it was fitting. Also interesting because the video I watched right before it was Too Short's new one "19,999" . And by interesting I mean they're total opposites on the content spectrum and therefore interesting it was a Suggested Video.

I'm on my way to check out Too Short's new production studio here in LA (where the animation was done for his video) but thought I Should Leave You With This.



Coke Magic "Shaq Diesel" t-shirt

For those who know Shaq is my favorite basketball player. And I was one of the over a million who bought Shaq's platinum-selling debut, "Shaq Diesel. And I like black feels right, you know?

Get Yours from Youth Fairfax here.


Caskey "Black Sheep"

Young Money's @Caskey407 releases his new project, "Black Sheep". Check it out, yo.

Me with DJ Slym & Caskey after an interview at A3C last month.


ESSINCE THROWBACK: Westside Connection "Let It Reign"

In honor of me being back in California I felt this was appropriate. WEST SIIIDDDEEE!!!


TOO FUNKY! Sam Smith covers Tracy Chapman's Fast Car on BBC 1

Once again my youtubings have paid off. This is one of the smoothest covers I've heard. Live jazz band with their own arrangement and Sam Smith's silky smooth British vocals over this Tracy Chapman cover of "Fast Car".

Enjoy, y'all.

Street Light "Just Alone" (Animated Music Video)

A client of mine hit me up this morning asking if he should do the Jee Juh rap contest. I said, "huh? da Heck is that?". SO I looked it up and the host of this NEW November 2014 contest video rules is a previous winner. I watched one of his videos and it was pretty dope.

Then youtube did what youtube does by suggesting other videos to watch so I'll stay on their site for longer. It took me to this video. You all know I love animation and animated music videos so when I saw he had an "official animated music video" I had to watch. This is nice.

Respect to @Streetlight

Animation by: Luke Jurevicius


Too Short "19,999"

With THIS being the top comment, how can I NOT jam this video????

"Tony Vega: As a feminist I can ONLY be disgusted with this song and the message it brings. I have a 5-year-old son and the LAST thing he needs is to hear this type of filth. I know who you are Mr. Todd Shaw. You are about to be sued." (actual Youtube comment)

^^ Yes, the poster's name is Tony and yes, he logged into Youtube, clicked on the link for a Too Short video, watched it around his 5-year-old son, and will sue Short for it. He also knows of Too Short well enough to know his government name....well done, Tony.

Congrats on unlocking your new achievement, $hort.

DOWNLOAD: “19,999” EP – Too Short


Nova Rockafeller "PROBLEMCHILD" EP

Nova Rockafeller released a new EP. Her major label debut will be dropping early 2015 but this should be enough to tide you over until then.