Gorilla USA Chukka Boot

All about these boots. I haven't had a good pair of boots since...I was in 8th grade. I wore a size 13 back then and they honestly didn't sell much bigger in stores at the time. These aren't available in my size (15...maybe 16 but 15 is about right) HOWEVER, I'm going to live vicariously through you all with these Chukka Boots by Gorilla USA.

"Gorilla's "brutally strong" boots can tough it out on any terrain with a leather studded cap toe and heel and a rubber sole for traction. Each pair is made in America and hand-finished, so the color may vary slightly from pair to pair. Wear them everywhere with jeans and chinos."

There are more pictures and angles on the site.

Look sweet in the sleet in the streets with these on your feet!

Accept my free Invitation to the Members Only Club Order Here.


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