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Essince Throwback: Shaq Fu

Would you believe me if I said I had a Shaq CD? It was the 2nd CD I ever bought (first was Ice Cube's Amerikkka's Most Wanted when I was 10). Shaq is my favorite pro athlete. I have CDs, a jersey, posters, named my dog Shaq, etc, etc. I was the quintessential fan growing up.

I've always been big. Not 7'1" big but I'm like...closing in on 6'7"? So I was always center playing ball and THE center of all time is Shaq and let's be honest here...anytime a rapping Genie makes it rain hamburgers you pretty much have to like the guy (#Kazaam).

Along with Slick Rick, South Park Mexican, Haystak, the Barrio Boyz, Fetty Wap and Sam Cooke, I currently have a Shaq CD in my car. His fourth album, Respect, to be exact. Why? Because of the video beneath my words. This DJ QUIK produced hit features NY's Peter Gunz and this song SLAPS.

I don't care what you anyone thinks about my liking this, This. Song. Slaps. And his cameo game sh!ts on all your heroes' videos.

TWIsM, b!tches.

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