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R.I.P. PumpkinHead

I won't lie and say I was close with PH (fka Pumpkinhead) but I remember him hitting me up to collab once way back when and it was pretty cool talking to him because I knew who he was, based on my underground hip-hop nerd-dom.

I watched a lot of his battles and I know he had a lot of respect in the hip-hop community. I read he passed recently of unknown/unreported causes at the age of 39.

Rhyme In Peace, man. You will be missed.

Here are a few of my favorite battles/tracks of his:

GrindTimeNow.Net: PH vs Dumbfoundead

PH (formerly Pumpkinhead) vs Eurgh

(audio) Immortal Technique - "Peruvian Cocaine" ft. Pumpkinhead, Diabolic, Tonedeff, and Poison Pen

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