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Haley Smalls "This Is Me" [Toronto]

I wrote to Victoria Di Giovanni to check in on her and she said she the production team she works with just put out this project with singer/songwriter/engineer, Haley Smalls.

Her own datpiff description has this to say about her:

Haley Small is a singer/songwriter/engineer and in other words, a young force to be reckoned with. Her classically trained voice, distinctive mainstream sound, and noticeable R&B influence make Haley one of the most intriguing up and coming young artists out of Toronto. Earlier this year, Grammy award- winning and multi--platinum selling artist Beyonce Knowles shared one of Haley’s Youtube videos on her Facebook page, stating that she “loved it”. Since then the video has reached over one million views and is still growing.

^^ Cool, huh? This project is DOPE! I was 3 tracks in and hit the download button. Toronto is kinda sh!ttin' on people right now, at least as far as my site is concerned.

Victoria told me to make sure you all listen to track 12 because she may have the biggest feature ever in the history of music! [her words not mine]. JK. She said she's working on a new project that I'm excited to hear.

*update* oh sh!t, Kardinal Offishal is on dere.

IG: @haleysmall

Twitter: @haleysmall

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