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Hiatus "Save Yourself" MV [London]

Hiatus made one of my favorite songs in "We Can Be Ghosts Now" accompanied by one of my favorite music videos of all time. I've listened to that song like 50 times. Whenever life gets me down or things happen I like watch that video. The visuals affect me as much as the sounds.

I think because of the impact that song has had on me I was afraid to listen to his other music. I think I was subconsciously protecting myself from an "inevitable(?)" let down. That song found ME when I really needed it, But something about it made me click 'play' and I've already listened 5 times tonight. Forreal.

The beauty in music is in the interpretation and mood of the listener. I've been dealing with a lot lately with a death of a friend by heroin overdose and then fighting with one of my closest friends while he was medicating himself to cope with the death, among many other things. This song calms me down and makes me feel again when I felt numb after months and months and months of 'unnecessary' obstacles. But this video tells HIS story, too.

"A video for Save Yourself using archive footage of the last century of social and political upheaval in Iran: from the industrialisation program of Reza Shah to the revolution that unseated his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and led to my family fleeing Tehran when I was barely a year old."

Thank you, Hiatus.

twitter @hiatusmusic

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