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Rogue "Golden" (mix)

I met Rogue (@Oh_Rogue) while corresponding and doing an event with The Scratch DJ Academy last summer. She's been releasing some dope mixes (I featured her "Never Get Caught" mix a while back). Fortunately we both share a love of Golden Era hip-hop (hence the mix title).

Turn up and tune out.


Chris Rivers x Cory Gunz "Barz For All"

Really feeling a lot of the legacies right now. Chris Rivers (Big Pun) and Cory Gunz (Pete Gunz) teamed up for a NASTY track. This is ill. Rivers has consistently been dropping heat and it's good hearing Cory kill something again. DJ Jack da Rippa just told me he dropped a project a while back so I'm going back to find it but I always liked the kid, too. I met him once in Cleveland back in like...2008 or 2009? He and his cousin were downtown checking into their hotel while I was looking for some pizza during a break in a conference.

Wishing the best to both. This is nice.

TÉO X Jaden Smith “Pleiadian Message"

You've always been aware.


Machine Gun Kelly "Fxxk It"

The one and only @MachineGunKelly is back with a new project in "F-ck It". Really have respect for this kid. I met him back in 2008/2009, [insert stories here] and it's great seeing him still working this hard to pursue his dreams. He has a fiercely loyal fan base and I have utmost respect for the team (because it largely consists of the same people from when we met).

But if you have issues, "haters", struggles, allow me to quote MGK and say "F--k It". Do you.

Listen, friends.


Method Man x Inspectah Deck x Raekwon (prod J57) "The Purple Tape"

Method Man is back with 2 of his Wu-brothers (and his son, also named Raewkon) with this ill J57-produced jam "The Purple Tape".

His new album "the Meth Lab" drops soon on Hanz On/Tommy Boy.
iTunes PreOrder here
Bandcamp merch pack here


RIP Sean Price

Woke up to the sad news one of my favorite/the illest MCs ever Sean Price passed away. I had the honor and privilege of touring with him a few years ago along with Iron Solomon on from Reno, NV up into Vancouver and BC. Dude was hilarious and sat me down to share some of the game with me.

First time I saw him was at Pop's in E. St Louis with my man Jose when he rocked out with Ill Bill.

"Onion Head" is my favorite Sean P song off his Monkey Barz album. Let us not mourn but celebrate his life and abilities.

Rhyme in Peace.


Reverie x Killah Priest (WuTang) x Kurupt "Moonrockin"

I've been waiting for this for a while, this is the Official Music Video for MoonRockin off the upcoming MoonRock Project Volume 2. I'll let you do your research into Kurupt's Moonrocks but it's here, yo. Video is hella clean and portrays that west coast lifestyle that I love and miss so much.

Sponsored by Kurupt's Moonrock
Directed by Dr. Zodiak

Catch Reverie on The Homesick Tour right now!

My Berlin Boombox

I first heard about the Berlin Boombox and thought it was a dope idea. A pretty slick, customizable ghetto blaster that works with phones/iPods in a day when the mini bluetooth speakers are the rage but people are nostalgic.

Check out this community video and let the next video in the playlist run so you can see how to assemble it and much more!

"Play it loud, show it off, move to the beat!
That's how we do it: Our worldwide community of Berlin Boombox fans created this awesome video. We collected movie clips from our community, chopped them up, shook it, stirred it, and mixed it with a bouncy Daft Punk Remix.
And here you go!"


Dajon Michaels "The Statement"

Long Beach lyricist, Dajon Michaels spits over The Alchemist-produced Boldy James record "Bold" painting the picture of the world he lives in while setting the tone for what's to come on his upcoming project, "North Division".


NuWorld "G.O.T.U.S."

I wasn't familiar with NuWorld (who hails from Chicago) but that's why I love going thru my email. I hit play, let the intro play, and started posting this part way through the 1st song. The beat hooked me, the lyrics kept me interested. They have great chemistry. This is pretty slick.

"While the Windy City rap scene is not an easy one to break, six young men from the Chi were determined to make it happen by any means necessary. Nu World’s six members — D. Roe, Bel-Air, Elijah LeFore, Simmy Automatic, AstronautFlood and Kayo — all began solo music careers a number of years ago, dreaming of taking Chicago’s biggest stages. They began as brothers, friends and lovers of music, but quickly realized they had a starting lineup of hot talent to take on the game.

Scraping by to create beats and recording in the basement of the crib, the Nu World gang pours sweat, blood and tears into their craft. A sense of conscience and awareness of the world and how it affects young lives greatly shape Nu World’s message. The mix of six sultry members provides a great balance, giving the listener a fresh set of sounds to dive into without force or fierceness.

Check out the debut, "G.O.T.U.S." from NuWorld HERE!


Santastic: ジャングルスウェットショーツ [Japan]

Santastic is back with some ill sweat shorts in Navy and Ivory complete with the summer floral patterns. Check it:

100% Outer cotton, 95% rib cotton polyurethane 5%

Tropical Getaway Deals!


Chris Rivers "Back to Back Rico" Freestyle

Chris Rivers is back with another freestyle. This time over instrumentals from the recent beef between Toronto and Philly rappers (you know who, this post is about Chris).

Kid is nice yo. Check it.