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Sahtyre "Perfect World" MV

I haven't posted in a minute. For Various reasons. Partially because I got a little tired of the same stuff (music and fashion). Also, because when people submit things they don't tell me which site they're submitting for so I try and put it where I think it fits best.

Also I've been busy planning Reverie's midwest and east coast run of The HomeSick Tour. To think that all started when I interviewed her in 2013 and now I'm booking my 2nd tour for her.

But it's dope because we're announcing a Special Invited guest, SAHTYRE! I've been a fan of his since his battle vs Dirtbag Dan back in '09 so it'll be dope to have him on the road with us.

He says this about his new video, "Perfect World":

"I created this to say that despite how fucked up the world is never give up and never forget that life is beautiful. Be yourself. I love you." - @Sahtyre

DL his LSD (saga) project here and catch us on tour starting Next Week!

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