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The Bay Report: October (presented by Thizzler)

I've been a big fan of Bay Area site, Thizzler on the Roof for years. I met the founder at an event they did in San Francisco a few years ago when Mistah Fab cyphered with a homeless person after we did an interview.

I found out about a monthly series they do called the Bay Report of the illest music that month. THIS is the October edition. Shout out to DJ Ghost.

To jam previous Bay Reports click here and ENJOY!


Joyner Lucas x Busta Rhymes "Jumanji"

I watched Joyner kill his feature during the BET Hip Hop Award cypher.

He teamed up with one of my all-time favorites, Busta Rhymes on the new track, "JUMANJI."

Follow Joyner on Twitter & Instagram @JoynerLucas


Tinsel: Headphone Necklace (fo' the ladies)

This is an awesome idea.

Aniyia Williams, founder of Tinsel is combining fashion with technology in this beautiful headphone necklace which comes in 24k and Silver. At first I was thinking, I wish they made this for men so I could rock it....but then I thought, F that, this is ill and mad convenient. I'm comfortable enough in my sexuality. I want this lol. But check it out:

The built in microphone is my favorite feature on my stock Galaxy earbuds (which I actually have plugged in right now so I can listen to this 5 year old US x Australian rap battle; the off the top rebuttals are INSANELY hilarious so I suggest you watch) . But yeah, back to the necklace. This is such a great function and look. Had I not known, by looking I wouldn't be able to tell it was headphones, too.

Visit for more info.


Logic "Like Woah"

It's been a while since I was able to update anything. After Reverie's tour (I still need to post part 3), I went down to Atlanta for A3C and BET Hip-Hop Awards weekend. Life got hectic and I stepped away for a while to recuperate the past 2 days. I was "Like Woah".


Fuego - Cuando Suena El Bling (espanish remix)

A friend played this for me when I was in NY this past weekend. Fuego translated/remixed Drake's 'Hotline Bling' song into españish and it's dope. I've been a Drake fan for a minute and trying to re-re-relearn Spanish this was dope, too. lol BUT press play and thank me later.

Lil Dicky Sway in the Morning Freestyle

Lil Dicky is dope. I've BEEN a fan ('member these?). He KILLED this freestyle he did back on Sway. I'll let him speak for himself.