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Joe Iron "Banzai Boi vol 3" [JAPAN]

Konnichiwa, b-tches. We're back again with the latest installment of the "Banzai Boy" series by the illustrious DJ Joe Iron.

For the 3rd volume of the Japanese producers' "Banzai Boy" mixtape series he features some of the country's Best up and coming Japanese artists over Joe Iron production. ('A mixture of Japanese Hip-Hop, Trap and R&B music!').

Check it out. His production is NASTY. And although my japanese is 悪い (well...ちょっとはなせます) I love hearing good music and don't care which language it's in.

Joe Iron "Koza" feat. Match Maeda

A tribute to our hood KOZA (Okinawa City, Okinawa Japan)... a former war zone and one of the toughest neighborhoods in Japan.

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