Let's Dance (RIP)

I think when a public figure dies it gets easy to tune out all the posts and "hoopla" surrounding it. I totally get it. Even I forget how someone can influence so many people beyond my immediate circle. I won't lie and say David Bowie changed my life but I always had respect for him. The more I learn the more I see his influence in other things. Like the sample used in Puff's "Been Around the World" song off "No Way Out" (see below). But so many of my friends (particularly female DJ friends) were big fans. One of them came over once and we watched Labyrinth together a few years ago.

But he's dope. I always respected his style (fashion and music), I LIKE his music, and I appreciate how he stood for creative expression, particularly in HIP-HOP! (Yes, David Bowie took a stand for hip-hop and Black music. Pretty cool).

I heard this playing in Macy's the other day. Dope song. About to check his new album, Black Star. But Rest In Peace, Ziggy.

Notice the sample? I HOPE so because it's basically just slowed down lol


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