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{I'll Be in LA This Week} + YG x Nipsey Hussle x 50 Cent

This past week was pretty crazy hectic. Finishing some last minute things for Reverie's tour coming up next month (anyone who says booking a tour is simple is a liar), and promoting our show with Project Pat Feb 5th in Cleveland while doing my day to day Essinces. I'm actually writing this in the airport terminal because I'm heading out to LA to pick up @DJTomoko & Ucca Laugh who are flying in from Tokyo today.

I booked them for a gig in LA this Friday so I'm excited to see them again as well as general LA business. I finished editing the first episode of my new Japanese Radio Show and used this song in it so I'm sharing it with you.


Hit me up. Let's link while I'm having fun in the sun, son.

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