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Essince Interview with DJ Brandi Garcia

When I was in LA a couple weeks ago I was able to sit down for a great Coffee Shop Conversation with the beautiful and talented DJ Brandi Garcia. I used to listen to her all day on one of my favorite stations, KDAY when I lived in North Hollywood a few years ago. We had a great convo about everything from developing photos as gifted students in elementary school to Disney Land, Voice Over acting and more. Aside from some great stories of how she built her career from Radio Djing to DJing with Jay-Z, Brandi gave some great advice and wisdom. This is a great interview for all but definitely a Must listen for all aspiring DJs.

The first minute has some crazy background noise but it's when I'M talking so who cares anyway.

Check out Brandi at brandigarcia.com and be sure to follow us both on IG below and twitter @djbrandigarcia

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