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Victoria Di Giovanni "Boyzone" MV

I've featured Canadian songstress, Victoria Di Giovanni before. She's dope. I love her voice. I love her hair...She's a great writer...She's fine. There, I said it!

"Boyzone", a post-modern feminist anthem that fights to bring together the polarized genders, sets the tone for her next album with its dream-like synths and chorus:"You're a father, I'm a mother, you need me just like I need you", which stresses the importance of harmonious living instead of living within boundaries that affect not only women, but men as well.
[That was quite the sentence. My English teacher would be proud].

Pretty dope, Victoria. All I ask is you give your American boy a holler next time you need a video model. I've been doing squats.

P.S. she edited this, too.

Twitter @officialVDG
IG @officialVDG

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  1. Unfortunately I could not watch the video. This I will not boot. It is a very frustrating to me.