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Rahzel Jr. "Almost There" MV

I've always been a fan of legacy artists (ie. Big Pun's son, Chris Rivers) and The Roots has always been one of my favorite groups. A beatboxer really gave me advice and helped me get started in this business when I was a kid just getting started in music.

So if the Son of a Beatboxer from The Roots releases a video you know I'm gonna check it out!

Rahzel Jr, (son of famous beatboxer/artist from The Roots, Rahzel) releases his new video for the single, “Almost There”.

Rahzel Jr enlists some heavyweight production for his new EP from Amadeus, Easy Moe Bee, Sneaky Beanz, and more. The EP will also entail what life was like growing up with his father, transitioning from college to the real world, obstacles, family life, and expressing his love for the Hip Hop culture – embodied with undeniable music and skillful lyricism.

Check out Rahzel Jr.’s video for “Almost There”:

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