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Essince Interview with Denel [New Zealand]

I was looking for music for my Japanese radio show, Beats N Miso (broadcasting every 1st and 3rd Saturday on Blackan Radio in Osaka [shameless plug]) when I found "Imperfectly Perfect" by New Zealand singer/songwriter, Denel. I wasn't sure what to expect from the cover and the first few seconds of the Midi sax but when he came in I was hooked. He has a really smooth voice. I was always interested in music from other countries and I wanted to learn more about Denel, what he's working on, and what's going on in New Zealand?! Americans need to know it's more than Hobit holes. Check out interview and listen to/buy his single below.

How did you get in to music?
Music has always been a part of my upbringing. Dad used to love his jazz records and I'd sit for hours listening to his jams. It was right around high school that I really wanted to pursue music as a career and i started writing and producing my own songs.

Growing up who did you listen to?
A lot of George Benson and old school R&B icons like Marvin Gaye etc. Then through my time at school, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz etc. Those were the dudes who were on the come up when I was about 12.

I've spent some time in Asia and was always interested in how American pop culture translates to other countries, was American music popular in NZ?
Yeah definitely, American pop music dominates the New Zealand Top 40 and iTunes charts and pretty much all music on mainstream radio in NZ is mainstream US Pop and R&B.

What is the music scene like there?
Its really small compared to the US industry and the whole landscape is different. In terms of trying to break into New Zealand market, its a little bit difficult as the various avenues dont really nurture or support upcoming talent.

What can we expect from you the rest of 2016?
You can expect a new single in the next few months called 'The Lights'. Just got back from Argentina which is where we filmed the video for it so I'm pretty excited about it. Also check soon for an EP.

Where can we find you online? Any final shout outs?

You can find me on all the usual social media outlets. Links will be below. Id like to shout out to my family for all the support they have been giving me and the American team behind whats going down! Stay tuned :)


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