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"Across the Pond" 2016 [US edition]

Cheers! I'm preparing for my biweekly conference call I co-host with my mentor and had to feature my new collab with my UK bredren, K.I.P. Promo. (You know, the ones I released the UK Version of Across the Pond with?)

It's high time I dropped the US version, yeah? I made the mistake of using soundcloud so they blocked a few of the songs so this quickly became an EP BUT, I'm very happy with the music chosen. Working on some plans in the UK (even watching "TOP BOY" on Netflix right now (it's DOPE!)

Check it out and let me know what you think. Should you be on the next one? Need promo in the UK? Holla atcha boy. Salute to my UK fam.


Beats n Miso episode 3

Konnichiwa, dogs & doggettes. It's here! Episode 3 of my Japanese radio show, Beats N Miso which broadcasts in Osaka, Japan. This episode is sponsored by multi-platinum producer, Anno Domini Beats and they provided all the beats for the episode (remember my interview with him?)

Brand new music and a dope mix by another accomplished producer/radio personality, K 2 the D. Check it out. Arigatou Gozaimasu!


Blimes Brixton - "Old Habits" MV

Blimes Brixton(fka Oh Blimey) is back with her new video for "Old Habits".

"There's always some defeat when we return to old habits. When the call of past relationships mystify, the reason why we left becomes the very same reason why we return. I came to a crossroad of rebirth and reminiscence in "Old Habits", and aim to take you with me to that moment between the desire of the past and the regret of going back." - Blimes

We're proud to inform that this project was shot, directed, and edited by women and have to give a huge shout out to the bad ass #grlgang that made this vision come to life.
Filmed by Enkrypt* who did an AWESOME photoshoot for my artist, Dajon Michaels
Directed by Sophie Tabet
Edited by Klio + Nova

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Twitter @BlimesBrixton
Instagram @BlimesBrixton

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