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Jaylien - "We F*uk" MV

This video is dope. I lived in STL for about 5 years and go back and forth a few times a year so I always like to help out when I meet/see artists from there, assuming they're good, of course lol But I have this empathy thing where I FEEL the emotions of people on TV and videos. I hate the "meet the fockers" series because I get embarrassed FOR Ben Stiller when I watch. I feel this video...I feel like I'm the guy but this is a great video/song and I think you'd like it, too.

"St. Louis songwriter, producer and new R&B artist JAYLIEN premiere[s] "We F*uk," the second music video from his debut EP Summer's Over recently released on July 22. Directed by BlessAndSee musical partner and fashion photographer Stephen Garnett, the visual clip shows JAYLIEN getting an unexpected surprise midway through a freaky romp in the bedroom."

We Fcuk - Jaylien

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