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Blackbear "4u"

I was watching some suggested instagram video of an albino dude playing basketball and SCHOOLING people and there was this ill ass song in the background. After scrolling through 200+ comments of people making remarks about the dude's appearance I FINALLY came across someone who mentioned the song. I played it on repeat.

I was afraid to hear the original because the remix was so dope. But I found the original song. Equally dope. I found other music. Even DOPER and I got hooked. I looked him up while doing some design work for our magazine and ended up getting 3 albums deep on this cat and this song stuck in my head. He's worked with Mike Posner, G-Eazy, Beiber, etc etc. Kid's the truth.

Similar vibe to partynextdoor with his melodies and content. I love hearing music that I can relate to but also that doesn't make you ashamed to FEEL. We aren't robots (yet). I'm tired of people criticizing Drake for expressing emotions they're afraid to admit they have for whatever reason. I've gone through and checked played everything this guy's released and THIS SONG stands out in his catalog. But enough words, let's listen:

& shout out to King Ice who has the illest chains

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  1. I also love listening to music and find this process as an absolute relaxation and excitement at the same time! Thanks for the share!