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G.G. Garcon - "In The Morning"

Got this in my email today. I've been hella behind on my submissions but something made me click play on this. I think it was the quaity/style of the picture above. Usually when someone sends a selfie with the phone still in frame I dismiss it. Maybe it's supposed to be like that...maybe it's the fact I'm sitting in a recliner by the fireplace after making a fat-ass burger and eating some of momma's homemade quiche...but I thought, why not?

This guy's pretty dope. IDK where he's from because I wasn't given any pertinent information besides the link but he can spit. Delivery is on point. Woman on the hook has a nice voice and gives this a nice summertime feel. Warms me up, as I can see SNOW out my window.

But check it out. Takes me back.

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