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Reverie - "Scheming" MV

For any of my longtime readers/supporters you know about my work with Reverie. It all started with my first interview with her back in 2013. I just got back from Chicago with her where we had her for a 2 show event before heading to NY (where she is now, I'm currently sitting next to the fireplace while watching the new WWE PPV).

She just dropped her new video, "Scheming" produced by the homie, Chase Moore. She's steadily been releasing videos for her forthcoming "Das Klein" EP and this is the 3rd release, shot in Amsterdam during her 8th European tour. Mira:

Reverie - Scheming (Produced by Chase Moore)
Directed & Edited by Reverie Foto & Enkrypt Los Angeles
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& shout out to King Ice who has the illest chains

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