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The Combat Jack Show x Fat Joe

One of the first music videos I ever remember seeing as a youngster was Fat Joe. I'd missed the bus and was watching TV until my mom could get dressed in time to take me to school and I turned on MTV (which was finally unblocked) and a Fat Joe video was on. Seeing a dude who looked like Me on it (Latino) was major. I then of course followed the progression into becoming a HUGE Big Pun fan (RIP), Cuban Link, and the whole TS. But Joe has sustained longevity including last year's Grammy-Nominated "All the Way Up". He was a recent guest on the Combat Jack show and here's the interview.

(what's up, Mika?)

On this episode we take it to the South Bronx, Forrest Projects to be exact. This rap star has been around for 24 plus years and still going strong. He's part of the legendary DITC crew, he introduced the likes of Big Pun, Remy Ma, DJ Khaled and Terror Squad to the world. He powered through beefs with 50 Cent, Jay-Z and survived the ugly scenarios of being in these New York City streets. Internets we bring you the Fat Joe Episode of The Combat Jack Show. Yes, we covered everything from "Flow Joe" to his new situation with Roc Nation. The Don Cartagena is stronger than ever. #RaiseTheBarHigher

& shout out to King Ice who has the illest chains

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