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Rimy Low Key "On The Floor" [Toronto]

It's been a while since I blogged here. I've been busy but also, uninspired. Lots of submissions but they didn't fit the steez of the site, n'ahmean?

Enter Toronto-based singer, Rimy Low Key. He just released his new song, "On The Floor" produced by Akeel Henry and Versedl. I recognized the voice from before but this

"It's an eclectic blend of synth pop and funk reminiscent of 80's dance music. The song is about a girl who finds herself too far gone at the party but instead of this leading to her downfall she's overcome by the music and finds love, at least for the night."

It's super catchy. Great to break me out of my blog funk. Cheers, Toronto.

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instagram @rimylowkey
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website rimylowkey.com

& shout out to King Ice who has the illest chains

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