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PNB Rock "Notice Me" MV

So I'm on tour with Reverie right now and we have an off day in my old stomping grounds of St. Louis. We were coming back from some bomb BBQ and was tuned in to 104.1 and a song of his came on ("Selfish") and I was immediately hooked...I looked it up and it was the cat, PNB Rock. I'd seen his name before on flyers and never really went out of my way to hear him. I think it's because I assumed he was another mumbler or something or I think the dudes he was on shows with weren't my cup of tea (best of luck to 'em). But I heard this and realized how foolish I'd been.

I work in this industry for a living and am all about new music and wanted to formally apologize to PNB and his fans for being a d-ckhead. He's incredible. I've been hooked on his videos for HOURS. He's incredible. I was planning to post like 3 others but ended up deciding on THIS single instead, "Notice Me".

I love the concept of this song and video is fire.

Download GTTM: Going Thru the Motions

& shout out to King Ice who has the illest chains

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