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Hip-Hop In: Kuwait (Sons of Yusuf)

It's been a while yo. So I decided to bring back my series of International hip-hop features, "Hip-Hop in:" and this time we're heading to the Middle East! [Kuwait to be exact].

I was in LA during the Grammy's this year and ended up at an event my guy from Delicious Vinyl hipped me to. There were dope artists all across the country and world. Sons of Yusuf got up on stage and tore it down! Their stage presence and the bars [that I understood] were on point. An awesome mix of cultures with their traditional apparel and current American hip-hop vibe and rhyme schemes. I wanted to feature their most recent "Khalifornia" mixtape but will also include a video of theirs, too. People like this are why I say I don't give AF about being the "king of my city". The world is huge. But these guys are dope and working on an interview for the next issue of Royal Heir Magazine (coming soon).

This video's a little older but I think represents what I was talking about earlier as far as culture-meshing. Check it and check the mixtape below.

Follow @SonsOfYusuf on IG and get their links and learn more at www.sonsofyusuf.com

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& shout out to King Ice who has the illest chains

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