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Layla Khepri - "Smile and Wave" MV

Viral Sensation, Layla Khepri just released her new video for her single, "Smile and Wave". This has been my jam for a MINUTE. It's one of those feel good songs. And it's an instructional video for dealing with negative people and things...No need to engage, just Smile and Wave.



Hip-Hop In: The Netherlands (Stone)

Originating from Norway but now making waves in The Netherlands, Stone has been putting in work and getting cosigns from outlets like RTO Radio show. Stone released his latest track, "Dark Side" and is working on 4 new tracks with BB.

I've been meaning to spend head out to the Scandinavia and the Netherlands for years. My first clothing sponsorship was from a Norwegian company and I have a few contacts in the NE. I'm digging his delivery and production is on point. Check out the single below:

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Layla Khepri "Bodak Yellow" remix

Don't let this weird-ass cover scare you away, viral sensation Layla Khepri MURDERED this remix. DAMN. Cardi B came up with a summer smash, whether you like the song or not you can't deny that's its getting spins. Layla got a hold of the instrumental and dooked on it.

Yeah she's pretty and sweet and can make an ill pop record, yeah yeah yeah...but don't for a SECOND forget she can out spit ANY of you.

Catch the wave.



Hold my Terryflaps

For my fellow Rick & Morty fans, you may have gotten hooked on the Outro Credits song of Season 3 Ep 6.
Enter Chaos Chaos with show co-creator Justin Roiland with the intergalactic hit, "Terryfold"!

I hate there's no new episode tonight so I'm gifting this to you. Enjoy.

Download on Amazon here.

& shout out to King Ice who has the illest chains