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Hip-Hop In: Germany (the Tinder edition)

Good old Online-Dating. I was talked into starting a profile on Bumble recently. Never did the tindering or matching or plenty of fishing, but I'm giving Bumble a whirl (the women have to make the first move which is kinda dope). BUT, back to the topic at hand. Hip-hop and more importantly international hip-hop from the good people of Deutschland. Check it out:

Alidaxo started as a hip-hop act in 2015, since then Mischa, Erdi and Seppo have been transforming themselves under the direction of producer Dennis Brzoska (Susanne Blech, Urbanatix). They combine their songs with pop, indie rock and electrical sounds. The trio often incorporates German wordplays to illustrate daily life and captures irony to criticise society. Their newest single “Tinder for one” uses plenty of wit, cliché, prejudice to describe the significant features of the phenomenon of online dating.


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