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Murry Chrihmuh

I hope this day brings you peace and joy, especially to those of you who may not be able to celebrate or have lost someone you celebrate with.

May this terrible video bring you joy lol and I hope Santa brought you Kool-Aid

Feliz Navidad
- Essince


Hip-Hop In: Austria (EsRAP)

For the next edition of my international series, "Hip-Hop In", I'm focusing on the new Single "Kabadayi (Die Tage werden besser)" by the Austrian Hip Hop duo EsRAP.
*Kabadayi (old turkish patriarch of the neighborhood)

EsRAP is comprised of female rapper Esra and the male arabesque singer Enes. This is pretty dope. Dude's got a really unique voice. Their style is pretty fresh. Check it out below:

"Since the beginning of the Thursday Demonstrations of Vienna in October EsRAP supports the protest against the right-wing populist government. A siblings pair that reflects its identity as turkish Austrians – and has a big aim:
„It is our responsibility to beautify the world.“


Appyday - "Body Body [Norway]

This is pretty slick. Been a fan of the international come ups (*currently living the American Dream). Especially when the international come up is international.

Norway’s Got Talent 2017 Semifinalist Appyday started his music career in West Africa. He moved to Oslo, Norway In 2013 where he is currently based. In 2016 he was discovered by one of the casting directors of Norway’s Got Talent as he performed in an open mic show. She was so impressed by his performance that She invited him personally to participate in Norske talenter as one of the contestants. Appyday is not just a singer but also a good entertainer. He made it to the Semi FinalsHis songs are a good blend of Africa and Europe making him unique. In 2017 Appyday changed his music style to Latino and got a great recognition across Norway through the popular TV show and EDM.

Follow @iamappyday on IG and all social media platforms.


Kid Noize - "Girl" [Belgium]

"Girl" is the first release from KID NOIZE on Universal Belgium. Watch for a few characters who will appear and be further developed in comics. Word to the Stanley Kubrick nodsEyes Wide Shut


Après un premier disque où il a enchaîné les tubes dans son plat pays natal, KID NOIZE remet le couvert et signe chez UNIVERSAL BELGIQUE.
‘Girl’, le premier single d'un album à paraître en janvier, est un morceau dans lequel l'homme à la tête de singe assume ses influences disco époque vinyle à laquelle la cover du single fait explicitement référence.

On y voit apparaître le Talker et le Corbeau, deux personnages qui font partie de l’univers de Kid Noize dont il laisse des indices dans chaque clip. Un univers qui sera développé dans la BD qui paraîtra chez Dupuis en même temps que l’album chez Universal. L’atmosphère Eyes wide shut qui règne dans le clip est quant à elle une référence à Stanley Kubrick, un maître pour Kid Noize qui, le saviez-vous, réalise lui-même tous ses courts métrages.