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Andyva releases new video on Blockchain Record Label

Younk is a new Blockchain-enhanced record label allowing artists to be paid and earn distribution and promotion from their label. It's a really cool idea in the digital age and I'm really interested in seeing how it can grow.

A key component in the success of a new label is the talent! If a label has no flagship artists or talent what do you do. I just checked the new video from urban pop artist, Andyva for his new video, "Sexclusive".

The song itself represents a blend of a chill dance arrangement, sexy vocals and meaningful lyrics… something you don’t often hear in today’s music. Kurt gefke (producer and art director) told Younk “I mean it’s a throwback but it’s contemporary 
It’s something that pretty much any generation can listen to”. Despite the challenge of expressing all of the messages and hidden meanings in one music video the team was able to create a perfect visionary.

Check it out below and learn more about the label on www.Younk.com

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