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外人 GAIJIN II - Tale of Rai (Japanese Lo-Fi HipHop)


I like to consider myself a night owl. While I CAN get up early and be productive, I prefer the solitude of night. It's so peaceful and that's when I feel my most creative. I decided tonight would be another late nighter (felt right) and rather than use spotify or something I decided to try Youtube. The homepage suggested this video described as Lo-Fi Japanese hip-hop, 3 things I enjoy. 

And man it kicks off right! Some elements (and I think soundbites from) Samurai Champloo but jut some dope, Asian-inspired beats.

Anyway, press play and enjoy 外人 GAIJIN II - Tale of Rai ☯࿊ Japanese Lo-Fi HipHop Music ࿊☯ By ELIJAH NANG イライジャ

☊ Album Story: Gai-jin - (Noun) Foreigner / Outsider It’s been a year and 3 months since the foreigner arrived at the Land of the Samurai. The epic sequel continues where our young hero Rai is on a quest to find his way back home and regain his memories that he once lost. Learning the way of the samurai, Rai has become highly skilled in his swordsmanship under the tutelage of Hachiro Sensei. Rai has matured but understands that there is plenty more room for growth. During this time on top of the vibrant Yama no aki, Hachiro reveals some clues in regards to how he can return home. He explains that in order for him to go back home, he would have to face the shogun of this land in a 1-on-1 duel. That’s all he is able to share, but what Hachiro and Rai don’t know is that the shogun is also a foreigner and as to who the foreigner is, well….it happens to be Rai brother.

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