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Canadian Family's Got Talent winner CZN releases “Friends”

CZN was the winner of this year's Canadian Family's Got Talent (handpicked by Simon Cowell for the Golden Buzzer). They just released their new single "Friends" and it's pretty dope. I'll be real looking at the picture and clicking play did not match up in the best way. I was expecting some lyrical rap (not that I don't bump that regularly) but this is dope! They have some very smooth voice and nice harmonies. I was pleasantly surprised. Press play below and scroll down to learn more about CZN. I'll be checking for more from them and recommend you do, too.

Sun & Sky Records announces the release of the new single “Friends” by CZN, the winners of this year’s Canadian Family’s Got Talent. “Friends” is about connecting with someone on such a deep level that you want to take the friendship to the next level. A relatable topic among listeners, “Friends” captures attention with its upbeat summery pop vibe and driving rhythmic pre-hook from band member CJ Capital that leads into a catchy, melodic hook in which Seth Zosky and Matthew Novary take the lead. Needless to say, this single showcases their unique soundscape meshing R&B, Rap, and Pop all into one.

As the winners of the 1st season of Canadian Family’s Got Talent, CZN has already enjoyed tremendous success in kick-starting their career. Selected by Simon Cowell who awarded the group the prestigious Golden Buzzer, he said: “ I think you’re very current. I think you’re very cool, I think you’re very likable and most importantly really really talented, creative, inventive.” This year alone, CZN has gone on to be selected as participants for Canadian Music Week’s Jim Beam National Talent Search, become the chosen artist to be promoted by RBCxMusic #FirstUp, and awarded the Commercial Performance Award from the prestigious Sheridan College Institute. 

Managed by Paul Farberman, CZN is eager to take their music to the next level by releasing “Friends” with Sun & Sky Records. “After CZN was selected by Simon Cowell as the winners of Canadian Family’s Got Talent, one of my dear friends in Toronto called me and said I had to check them out. I looked online and I was really blown away by their voices and how they blended different styles of music into their own fresh sound,” says Farberman. “Our journey together has just begun. I am really excited about their future and helping them get their music heard around the world.”

About Sun & Sky Records:

Sun & Sky Records is an Independent Record Label that works with clients to release all genres of music worldwide with innovative platforms and brand new marketing strategies to leverage all entertainment outlets. Partnering with Warner Music Group’s ADA division, Sun & Sky Entertainment is a burgeoning leader in identifying young and unique talent and works with a diverse group of entertainers and influencers through their record label, talent management division, television production, live concert production, concert promotions, live touring, consulting services, gaming division (Sun and Sky Gaming), and their YouTube influencer division. Sun & Sky Records takes the lead in architecting bright futures and musical opportunities for its young and exceptionally talented influencers.

For more information on CZN, please click here. 

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