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The Breakdown with Essince | My First Podcast is Here

Years ago I hosted a music video countdown show and loved it. Years after that I hosted a radio show in Japan called "Beats n Miso". I miss it and after a couple years of planning and contemplating I pulled the proverbial trigger last week while on tour in Jacksonville and recorded my first episode.

"The Breakdown with Essince" will air weekly with a Live Facebook show. I'll break down the latest in music and entertainment business news, giving an insider perspective and insight on topics that affect the culture. With special guests, latest headlines, and more, have fun learning the insides of the Industry with me. The audio will be extracted and uploaded for podcast distribution.

EP 1 | Are Artists Overpaid?

Join me in the debut episode as I discuss the latest entertainment headlines then break down this week's topic, are recording artists overpaid? Does the music industry have a middle class? Why do Artist-focused streaming companies continually fail to get new listeners? All this and more in this episode of The Breakdown.

Listen above on Apple Podcasts and Click Here and Listen on your favorite platform! (more platforms will be added as the come)


Micah Edwards Brings that Texas Soul to "Girl from the Valley"


Hey, amigos. Been a minute but found something dope again I wanted to share. I got an email earlier about an artist named Micah Edwards and his new single "Girl from the Valley", the lead off his forthcoming album.

First listen/read I assumed "the Valley" is like...California but later hit me if he's described as Texas Soul then it must be the Rio Grande Valley. Either way he's dope. Smooth vocals but with hints of soul and Americana  Like...think combining John Legend and John Mayer but from Houston (in all the best ways).

He says the song is about “not only the woman [he] get[s] to do life with, but also the beautiful culture that comes with the woman.”

Pretty dope. Check out the video below and let me know your thoughts!

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